Discos operates in the market as a company specialized in packaging cosmetic and hygiene products, CE marked medical devices, and dietary supplements in STRIP or COMBINED single dose packaging for third parties. Headed by a young and dynamic team, Discos offers customized services always directed toward meeting customer needs based on constant and constructive dialogue.

  • Single dose strip 0,30/0,5 ml
  • Strip monodose 1,5 ml
  • Strip monodose 2/3 ml
  • Strip monodose 5 ml
  • Strip monodose 8/10 ml
  • Componibile5/6 ml
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Our single dose packaging is a synthesis of technology and elegance which contains valuable cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplement solutions in a few millilitres.

Strips consist of 5 re-closable single dose vials made of PP or PE with a capacity of 0.30ml to 10ml.

Combined packages are created starting with individual, re-closable single dose packs, with a special fastening system that permits the manufacture of "custom" strips, differing from the five piece variety. Versatile and functional, combined packaging items redefine the market standards and are available in capacities ranging from 5ml to 6ml, made of PP or PE.

The customization of all single dose packs is achieved through pad printing on one or both sides, even with multiple colours. Variable lot and expiration date information are imprinted using an ink jet system. The whole production process is constantly monitored in a clean room and is carried out in accordance with
UNI EN ISO 22716:2008 (GMP) and ISO 13485:2012 quality system procedures.

Custom Items
Customizing your own ideas is the secret behind making them successful . Ideal for kits, strips can be packaged with up to five different products with different viscosities (cream, serum, lotion, oil, and more). Combined packaging is perfect for the creation of specific treatments: different products and different capacities in a single dose strip, not limited to a five pack!

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